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Here's the part where ceciliatan leaves us all hanging by a thread, on the edge of our seats, quivering with antici...pation.

If you're not reading Daron's Guitar Chronicles, you should be! Start from the begining though, not my link. You'll need the backstory.

Jan. 18th, 2012

Posting today protest of the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) two bills which will allow the government censor the intenet. Find out more at americancensorship.org or the video below.

Free Kiva trial link

Some of you may be familiar with the microlending site Kiva. They do some awesome things worldwide (developing and redeveloping countries) helping people get a leg up through microloans. I really love the idea of this organization. I know there are a lot of these types of things springing up thanks to the Internet; this just happens to be the one I'm familiar with.

I've made a number of loans through Kiva; well actually I've been loaning the same pool of money over and over for the past year-plus. My own fondness is for women-owned enterprises in the agriculture sector, because that's hard work and it's work I've personally done, milking cows and goats, feeding pigs, raising chickens.

Kiva is offering a free trial to people right now, a way for you to get familiar with their model. Here is the URL : http://kiva.org/invitedby/stacey9317
There are a limited number of free trials, so if you're interested, click through and check it out ASAP.

However, I recommend you look into it anyways, free or not!
Feel free to comment or PM me with any questions.

signal boost

I don't do this, normally. But CANTER is an organization that does good work, getting racehorses re-homed after their racing careers end; and they're in the running for a Pepsi grant.
You can vote here, daily, to boost them to the top.

You may recall that my own horse is a Thoroughbred, bred for racing. Had he made it to the track, he would most certainly have needed this kind of service. Just as I support greyhound adoption groups, I want to also support groups that help horse racing be responsible about its ex-racers.
These animals can't be discarded just because they aren't fast enough anymore.
I looked at Willy about an hour ago, as I was frantically wrapping the last of Emma's gifts.
"I've figured out why I've been at such a loss this year," I told him. "Why, when you or my mom ask me what I want for Christmas, all I can offer is a blank stare."
"Why?" he replied.
"Because for 30-some years I've wished for the same thing for Christmas. Dear Santa, I want a pony. I stopped asking out loud after I hit 13 or 14, and figured out it wasn't going to happen, but I never stopped wishing. And so now I have no idea what to wish for. Quite frankly? If I get up tomorrow morning and there isn't a single thing under the tree for me - I might feel a little forgotten, sure, but really, I don't think I'll mind much. I'll just head to the barn and give my big Christmas wish come true a big hug and a handful of carrots."

Yeah. My teeth hurt from the sweetness of it all. But really, it's so true. I spent my whole life nearly sick with wanting, and now, what do I want? Just some quiet; and enough time to just go moodle around at the barn every day for the next ten days.

I wish devoutly that all of your Christmas wishes may come true - and remember, sometimes you have to wish long and hard and also, you have to do the work to get there - and that you are surrounded by love and fellowship and peace and joy and, if it's your thing, eggnog. *grin*
I spotted this on a local list and it reminded me of some of the folks I'm loosely associated with. I read their LJs but I'm not sure they read mine. If any of you reading this know of anyone who might be interested in this project or these grants, please pass this on!!


From the home page:

It's all a question of story. We are in trouble just now because we do not have a good story. We are in between stories. The old story, the account of how the world came to be and how we fit into it is no longer effective....Our challenge is to create...a new sense of what it means to be human.
Thomas Berry

The old gods are dead or dying and people everywhere are searching, asking: What is the new mythology to be, the mythology of this unified earth as of one harmonious being?...The only myth that is going to be worth thinking about in the immediate future is one that is talking about the planet and everything on it.

Joseph Campbell

Toward the end of his life, Joseph Campbell interrupted his major work Historical Atlas of World Mythology to publish The Inner Reaches of Outer Space with an urgent message that he felt needed to be heard. That book serves as a clarion call for the discovery and development of a new myth to inform our world. That was 1986.

Since then Campbell’s call has been taken up by many and now we find ourselves in a time when the cry from most every quarter is for a new story, a new narrative, the new mythos that he wrote about. We humans are in search of a way to understand the patterns underlying the profound transformation we are currently experiencing in relationship with each other and our planet. From whence will this new mythos come? Who will tell the story? How will such a search be resourced?

The collections held by OPUS Archives and Research Center provide treasures by visionary thinkers, scholars, writers and teachers. These individuals dedicated their lives to exploring the origins of cultural stories from pre-history (Marija Gimbutas), through ancient and classic history (Joseph Campbell and Christine Downing), and into contemporary culture (James Hillman and Jane and Joseph Wheelwright), thereby laying the foundation for new research that fosters meaning and guidance for the questions held by our modern world.


OPUS is offering 5 to 7 grants to individuals or teams that show both intent and ability to seize the opportunity and take responsibility for searching OPUS’ collections for the “gold” harbored there, both published and unpublished; public and as yet unrevealed to the community-at-large. The goal is to use the OPUS archival collections in order to articulate and manifest the seeds of the new mythos, the new narrative of our time. The findings will be made available in a public forum, on OPUS’ and other websites and, if warranted, in written form. The research and project results are to be made available in a myriad of forms with a broad scope. OPUS will encourage the successful grantees to manifest their projects in whatever creative form they take.


Applicants must demonstrate the necessity of substantial on-site use of OPUS’ collections.

Who is Eligible. The grant is open to inspired seekers from many disciplines and positions--graduate students, faculty, independent scholars, filmmakers, visual artists, business and social entrepreneurs, environmental visionaries, storytellers, educators and those interested in social justice, peace, and reconciliation--who have demonstrated the capacity to research and produce creative work through writing, visual art, poetry, film, musical compositions, curriculum development or social enterprise.

Amount and Duration of Grant. Grants range between $3000 and $5000. The awarded amount will depend on the proposed project. These funds are for one (1) year of research to be conducted between December 1, 2009 and December 1, 2010.

Deadline for Submission: September 15, 2009

Notification of Awarded Grants: November 20, 2009


because it's not spring without baby animals....

I've updated Pie's Flickr stream.

Saturday was her first day EVER out at pasture. You can tell by the photos that she was filled with joy, curiosity, and exuberance.

I spend a lot of time just looking through these photos, lately :)

P.S.... check out the look on her mom's face in the photo above. LOL!



I need to upload all 100+ images to Flickr... tomorrow.
In the meantime, here's Pie hitting a full gallop for the first time in her life.... Today she went out to pasture for the first time ever and we were lucky enough to arrive in time to lead her out and get photos of the whole first hour.
Utterly awesome.

In fire-related news, Maraka is home. The houses on the hill behind her are about half gone, half there, but hers remains. Prayers answered, bullet dodged. Whew.

We're off to go drink some wine.

(Maraka and Pie. Aw.)



Against Entropy

The worm drives helically through the wood
And does not know the dust left in the bore
Once made the table integral and good;
And suddenly the crystal hits the floor.
Electrons find their paths in subtle ways,
A massless eddy in a trail of smoke;
The names of lovers, light of other days—
Perhaps you will not miss them. That’s the joke.
The universe winds down. That’s how it’s made.
But memory is everything to lose;
Although some of the colors have to fade,
Do not believe you’ll get the chance to choose.
Regret, by definition, comes too late;
Say what you mean. Bear witness. Iterate.

—John M. Ford